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Display the Enterprise Vault Schedules

Created: 08 Sep 2009 • Updated: 28 Oct 2009 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

Enterprise Vault has a number of schedules, this tool extract the schedule information out of an extracted cabfile and displays it in an HTML file, useful for checking schedules and making a record of them.

Has been tested with Enterprise Vault 7.0, 2007 & 8.0 versions.

Updated with a newer file that now lists the following schedules

Storage Expiry
Public Folder
PST Collector Task
PST Migrator Task
Domino Mailbox Archiving Task
SharePoint Task
PST Locator Task
Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for ServerABC
Exchange Public Folder Task for ServerABC
Domino Provisioning Task for ExchangesiteABC

update to list if task is using the site schedule or not.

update to not list schedules for tasks where it is not relevant i.e.
Domino Journaling Task
File System Archiving Task
Exchange Journal Task

Version 1.8 has been created as it was noticed that the schedule was out by one hour, compared to what is seen in Enterprise Vault, this has been fixed.

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hi how to run this script.

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Run the deployment scanner to generate a cabfile, extract the cabfile to a folder, then download the vbs file to the desktop (remove the _.txt extension) and run it and select the folder that contains the deployment scanner files.


If you feel this is a solution please mark it as such. TIA Paul

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Thanks for sharing Paul!

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