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XML Guide for Dynamic Storage Tiering

Created: 27 Feb 2009 • Updated: 03 Mar 2009
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Written by: Marianne Lent, Symantec Advisory Engineer


This document discusses Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 Dynamic Storage Tiering (DST). It primarily describes how to write XML placement policy rules.

Examples in later sections build on examples in earlier sections, so we recommend that you review the entire document before studying sections of interest.

What is Dynamic Storage Tiering?

Dynamic Storage Tiering (DST) is a VxFS feature that allows you to allocate file storage space from different storage tiers according to rules you create.

First you must tag volumes with tier names (as described in "What Is a Tier?"); then you can create placement policy rules that define which files go in which tier and when.

When writing placement policy rules, you must identify the files you want managed, identify the storage tiers you will use, and identify the circumstances in which you want DST to relocate file data.

DST XML provides a language for describing the files, tiers, and circumstances. DST allows you to specify target storage volumes for file creation (where to allocate blocks for new files) and for file relocation (where to allocate replacement blocks when migrating a file from one storage tier to another).

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