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Netbackup 7.0 Windows Event Logs Restoration

Created: 08 Mar 2012 • Updated: 19 Mar 2012 | 2 comments
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Dear All

This document is very helpful to all those users who are new to Netbackup 7.0 and have never performed restoration on Netbackup server.Restoration is not a very big task but for those who did not perform it ever, this document will provide a step by step guide to restore the data from Tape.

I have created this document in my own test LAB and I have performed successful restoration.I hope this will help to every needy person.

Netbackup Restoration: We have performed a Restoration Drill for Full backup of Windows Event logs of Exchange Mailbox Server

  1. Logon to Netbackup Server (e.g. IP x.x.x.x) and open “Backup, Archive and Restore” console.


2. Select a full backup Date from Netbackup History and get selection of backup which needs to be restored.


3. Select “Restore” from action menu, -> Choose “Restore everything to a different location (Maintaining existing structure)“ - > choose a alternate “Destination” for restore data - > “Start Restore” (we should restore data first on alternate location not on original location because there might be problem generate at the time of restoration).


4. Restoration has been initiated successfully; we have to choose Yes to perform restoration.


5. Restoration is running for full backup.



6. Restoration has been completed successfully under respective Restoration.



7. Under Restoration Drill, following mentioned data has been restored successfully.

8. Backup Media is also tested under this test. With the help of this restoration we can say that our Backup Media is also in healthy state.

Restoration Has been completed Successfully.

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thanks for sharing Restoration Drill process.



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Wow... its a good knowledge base article, Thanks.

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