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How to install Symantec Backup Exec 2010

Created: 09 Nov 2010 • Updated: 10 Nov 2010 | 4 comments
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In this article I will demonstrate how to install Backup Exec 2010. Backup Exec is a backup solution from Symantec. It is used by lot of companies. And with the “deduplication” we can take full backup fast and there is no need more spaces.

Let’s start to install

Click Setup.exe and choice language;


You will see “DVD Browser”. You can read information in “Getting Started” menu. And you can use “Pre-installation” before you install “Backup exec 2010” on your machine. Click “Pre –installation” and check your hardware and software test.


You will see 2 options, one of them check your system for install Backup Exec 2010, another is check the system for “Backup Exec Continous Protection Server” choice “Bakup Exec”


The wizard will start . The first window is “Welcome screen” This screen test your system for;

Minimum Requirements and everything for can install. Click “Next” and continue.


If you want to install Backup Exec 2010 to another machine choice “Remote Enviroment Check”, If you install local machine choice “ Local Enviroment Check” and  click “Next”


Than Enviroment Checks will start.


And Enviroment Check end. You can see result and you can export and save it html file. If you have errors  or warnings you can click link and see details. Click “Finish” and continue


Click “Installation” or start to install “Backup Exec 2010”,”Remote Agent”, “Backup Exec Retrieve” or “Backup Exec Continous Protection Server” click “ Backup Exec” and continue.


Backup Exec installation will start.


 As all another programs you will start accept “Licance Agreement”  and click the “Next”


 Backup Exec installer Wizart will help you in install. 


If you install Backup Exec 2010 to local machine choice “Local install > Install Backup Exec software and options” (it’s by default) If you want to install Backup Exec media server to remote computers choice “ Remote Install”

We install it local machine, therefore choice “Local install” and click “Next” 

 Enviroment Check will start. You did it before install in “Pre-installation” page. This check for your system ready for install Backup Exec 2010 on your local machine. 

When check end you will see summary screen. You can check,fix and read request items in this page. You can save check result xml file in your computer. By default it will save in your “Temp” directory. 

In the “Licance Keys” page you wil add your license key (or import file). If you pass this screen without key Backup Exec 2010 will install with trial license.  You can use Backup Exec 2010 features with your license key. You can add more keys for features later. 

After you import your license key you will see Backup Exec 2010 features. This part is important. Because you will decide what kind of backup you take. (and you cannot take a backup features if you don’t have license key)

Choice your features and clik “Next”

Choice your installation path in your computer. And click “Next” There will be 2 GB free space.

PS: This place is requre for Backup Exec 2010 installation files. Not for your backups 

In the “Service Accont” page you must to write user name and password for Backup Exec 2010 services.

I prefer use my  domain admin account.

And click “Next” for continue.


When your service account granted for services you will see window for success.


Backup Exec 2010 will install SQL Expres in your computer. Therefore setup screen neep a path for install SQL Express. By default it is C:\Program Files\ Microsoft SQL Server\ you can change it if you want. 


Backup Exec 2010 can backup your files in tape devices. In this screen you have 3 options for tape devices drivers. By  default and recommended use the Symantec Device Drivers. You should choice this option for all kind of tape devices.

If you want to use your tape drivers came from product choice third option. ( you must to install that driver in you machine)


Backup Exec 2010 have Archive Index. This index for your every kind of backups.

You will see information there. This Index file use 8% space for Exchange database. For example if your Exchange mailbox database size is 10 GB this index file will be 800 MB.

And this index file use %2 for your System Archive.

By default it will install C:\ Program File\Symantec\Backup Exec\ArchiveIndex folder. 


Before start to install there is a Summary screen. This page is shows  you which options will be enabled.

Click “Install” and start to installation.


 Than you can see estimated install time.


And Finish the installation all success.


It is so sipmly to install Backup Exec 2010.  After the installation create your jobs and start to take backup.

Best Regards.


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  • Always install and test first using the 60 day trial license, that way you don't buy agents you don't need 
  • Don't install from an RDP session - the installer reminds you, and you might well try&do it anway but you often run into annoying setup issues
  • Always do a custom install
  • Don't install using your regular user account, better to log as the backup service account and do all the install - you can always lock down the account after install if required (otherwise when you change your passwords backups start to go astray)
  • don't install everything on to your C:\ drive, especially if its only a 10gb partition
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Here, the install movie

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