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How to Change Network Settings in an EVDC Stand-Alone System

Created: 07 Apr 2011 • Updated: 13 May 2011
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How to Change Network Settings in an EVDC Stand-Alone System

If it becomes necessary to change your EVDC Network settings you can do so a couple different ways.

If you don’t have access via the web Admin UI you can change the setting via the CLI. 

To change the settings via the CLI follow these steps:

Log in the to the EVDC CLI using the util user id.

Enter 2 for Network and press Enter

Enter 1 for eth0 Settings and press Enter

Enter 1 for eth0 IP / mask

Enter the new IP Address and Netmask. Tab to Submit and press Enter.

Enter b to go back one screen.  Press Enter.

Enter 2 for Edit Default Gateway. Press Enter.

Enter in the new Gateway and press Enter.

If you see an error message you can ignore this.  Just press Enter to continue.

Enter b to go back one screen, press Enter.

I will either reboot the appliance or at least restart the services to make sure the new settings take effect.  To do this enter 3 and press Enter.

Enter 6 to Restart Services. Press Enter.

There will be some messages presented and once the services are back up you will get the message to Press return to continue.  It may take 5- 10 minutes for the services to come back up.  Once the message appears press Enter.

Now you are able to connect to the web UI using the new IP.  If necessary be sure to update the DNS record for EVDC to point to the new IP. 

Another way to update Network settings is via the web Admin UI. 

Log into the web Admin UI with and account with administrator permissions.

Click the Configuration tab the menu bar.

From the left side under System click Network settings

Make the necessary changes and then click ok.

Click dashboard from the menu bar

In the bottom left corner click About appliance

Click restart services.

Click OK on the prompt to allow the services to be restarted.

The web Admin UI login will appear.  Give the services 5-10 minutes to restart and then you will be able to login.  You will need to make sure to update DNS and\or use the new IP address to connect to the web Admin UI.

There you go, you now know 2 ways to adjust your Network settings for EVDC.