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Disk Storage Replication Report

Created: 13 Nov 2013 • Updated: 13 Nov 2013
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Please find the Screenshot attached.

Replication Report or Summary

Based on my experience I have inputted the 3 options to generate total Data Replication report

Option: 1

-->login to Datadomain web GUI http://<storagename> press enter

-->Click on Storage Server

--> Click on Replication

-->if DDboost, Click on DDboost

-->Click on File Replication

-->select the Duration

--> there you can find the total Replication size in 24 hrs

Option: 2

-->login to Datadomain web GUI http://<storagename> press enter

-->On left bottom, click on report,

--> Select replicationSummary --> select duration --> click on create

Option: 3 opscenter

-->Click on Report

-->Click on New Custom Report

  • Select Ranking

àSelect Duration

àSelect Master server if any in particular

àUnder Disk please select Storage server name or Disk Volume name if you looking for any specific

Select Report on: “Disk Volume Name” or Storage Server Name

y-axis Display name

Select Report Data: “Disk Volume Replication “

Select Count

Select time basis as “Job End Time”

Click on Next

After clicking next you will get the report based on Disk volume name and Disk Replication Count in form on Ranking

Click next to save

After Save, open report and click on “show chart as Table”

A table will pop up with all values