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Backup/Restore of Oracle Database Part 2 of 3- Creating Backup Policy and taking Full Backup

Created: 25 Jun 2013 • Updated: 08 Jul 2013
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How to create backup policy for Oracle database and taking online Full backup


  • Netbackup Server 7.1 on Windows Server 2003
  • Oracle  on Windows Server 2003

This document is second part of (Backup/Restore of Oracle Database).In this article I will explain how to create policy in Netbackup and taking backup of oracle databases.

1- Open NBU admin console and click on Policies to create New Policy ….


2- Add policy name, same policy will be used for Full and Incremental Backup. Let us name this “HCIS_FULL”


3- For a New Policy in NBU we have four tabs.(Attributes, Schedule, Client, Backup Selection)

In the Attribute tab set the following.

Policy Type: Oracle

Policy Vol Pool: Test oraDB1 (You can use any volume pool or DSU)


4- In the Schedule tab keep the Default Application Backup selected and add a new Schedule for Full and Incremental backups


5- For New Schedule set the following

Name: HCIS_Full

Type of Backup: Automatic Full Backup

Frequency: 1 Weeks - for full backups (you can change this setting according to your requirements)


6- In Start Window Tab we can schedule the Backup to run at particular date and time.


7- Now we have set the schedule for the Full Backup up.

Note: for our testing purposes we will run it manually.


8- In the Schedules add another Schedule for Incremental Backup.


9- Now we have scheduled for both full and Incremental backup.


10- Now select the oracle client whose backup is required


11- Now select the ‘Backup Selections’ Tab to select the ‘script’ which we have created from the client machine and saved it on the NBU7 Server.

Select the blue button on upper right hand corner and select the template.



12- Now we have to run the backup policy. ‘HCIS_FULL’

We will do the Manual Backup…



13- Status showing that the Backup is completed successfully.


14- Sample output of backup template


In next article we will perform restoration activity of Oracle database.